It is my endeavor to indulge in unique and quirky handmade ceramic home decor products. Each product is designed, hand-built and decorated in my tiny studio with utmost care and presented to you with a lot of love! I believe that handmade pottery enhances our everyday life experiences. You will also find all my handmade ceramic home-decor, tableware and curio products ideal for your modern homes, they will turn daily occasions into memorable moments of your life!

Welcome and Thank you for visiting! If you are interested in purchasing my work, check out the shop page. Want to join a workshop? Check the workshop page to see if I have one coming up! New work will be added periodically so please check back if you don't find what you are looking for. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook to get the latest updates!

Meet the artist

'CuriocityByLidwin’ is nurtured by Lidwin, a self taught potter and designer running her tiny pottery studio in Mumbai suburbs where she creates each piece herself. She derives inspiration from her everyday surroundings and their experiences. Her expertise in graphics and animation provides fodder to her abilities as a ceramicist. On an ever evolving journey, Lidwin seeks inspiration from her fleeting mind’s muses and transforms clay to convey her thoughts.

When not creating magic with clay, she loves travelling, trying varied foods and immersing in nature. The smell of the earth after it rains and the feel of clay are experiences she cherishes the most. Lidwin is a Physics Graduate who has been a 3D Animator and freelance graphics designer before she turned to clay. She is an artist-entrepreneur, and a proud mother of two young girls. 


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